The Second International Yoga Day in Nepal

The day started early for us here at the Nepal Yoga Academy, with the women being beautifully dressed in saris and the men in traditional yogic white topped off in Dhaka Topi, the traditional Nepali hats.

We bussed into the city around 6am not knowing what to expect. As it turned out, we joined a parade of yogis all supporting the newly formed Nepal Yoga Association. As we marched through the streets and main roads of Kathmandu I couldn’t help but be reminded of public protests – “What do we want? Yoga! When do we want it? NOW! should have been the chant.

We reached our destination at Kings Way to be lauded by the supporters of the day and the Yoga Association. Where we sung our mantras and ensured the international presence at such an important occasion.

Later in the day we were held in the highest esteem for our repeat performance at the Pashupatinath Temple, where we sat with the Minister of Tourism, Culture & Aviation and a couple of hundred guests, yogis from around South Asia and curious onlookers avoiding the rain. See us here.

So much to do for Yoga in Nepal and its great to see some unity of goals and recognition from the state.

We traveled home in the bus, both tired and a little bedraggled, enthralled as we listened to candid stories from Guru Ji. Thus creating a new insight into the man leading our transformation into Yoga Teachers.





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