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1 Day Yoga Relaxation & Rejuvenating Package is filled with activities like yoga asana, guided meditation sessions, relaxation, Sauna or steam bath, Ayurvedic oil massage in a truly natural environment, with landscaped gardens and panoramic views overlooking the Kathmandu Valley. This one day relaxation corporate yoga retreat package is a great means to dissolve stress and promote self-awareness and productivity.

1 Day Yoga Relaxation & Rejuvenating Package

Calm the mind and treat your body to the benefits of yoga in a truly natural environment, with landscaped gardens and panoramic views overlooking the Kathmandu Valley. You will not find a better way to feel completely relaxed in one day. Renew and revitalize your senses by starting and finishing the day with plenty of relaxing activities in between.

This de-stressing package is well suited for everyone who is looking for it, especially the ones who have less time for a needed nerve-calming break. If you have been hiking lately, or just arrived in Nepal after a long journey; or you have been toiling in office routine everyday, you may be surprised to know that a lot can happen in just 1 day. So do not miss on this relaxation break, you never know how splendid your mind and body may feel later.

Highlights of Full Day Yoga Relaxation & Rejuvenating Package

  • Jala Neti (morning nasal cleansing)
  • Pranayama
  • Yoga and guided meditation sessions
  • Sauna or steam bath
  • Ayurvedic oil massage
  • Delicious vegetarian/vegan meal
  • Unlimited herbal tea, hot/normal drinking water
  • Temple visit nearby (optional)

This package can be designed to suit each individual guest on request.

Who is this package suitable for?

  • Tired individuals post hiking who need absolute mental and physical relaxation.
  • Someone who has less time but wants a good de-stressing break.
  • Travelers who just landed in Nepal.
  • Someone who wants to explore yogasanas, meditation in the mountains,
  • Ayurvedic massage and Shirodhara.
  • Anyone and everyone who is willing to experience an amazing time at the retreat.

Benefits of the Package

1-Day Yoga Relaxation package gives you a well-needed break along with the tools (yogasanas) to bring your life into balance. Ayurvedic massage, Shirodhara, yoga, meditation, sauna and vegetarian meals, altogether, give your system a huge relief and rejuvenates you physically and mentally. If you have been hiking lately or have a tedious routine, this package will prove to be quite relaxing for you. Since Ayurvedic treatments are also included in it, it has many health advantages. You get in touch with your body, mind and soul, wherein the daily hustle-bustle of life, you might have missed tapping into them. Let’s have a look at the nitty-gritty of this package and its benefits individually.

  • Jala neti – Jala neti is an essential shatkarma practice done in the morning. It is a kind of nasal cleansing that helps you breathe better and also prepares you for the pranayama. It clears the nasal passage removing excessive mucus, toxins and the sinus. It helps to prevent allergies, sinus issues, asthma, cough, headache and it is extremely good for respiratory health.
  • Pranayama – Pranayama consists of breathing exercises and they are an important aspect of yoga. It can help you heal ailments, achieve psychological equilibrium, maintain a positive emotional state, increase your energy level, and lay a solid spiritual basis. It lowers tension and anxiety, relieves emotional pain, enhances perception, makes your organs perform properly, gives you energy and vitality, promotes clarity, stops the overactive mind, etc.
  • Yoga sessions – Restoring balance and wellness in our body and mind stimulates overall healing. This is why yogasanas are part of the schedule you will have here. We offer vigor, flexibility, balance, strength, and lubrication to the body via various asanas. We take adequate safety precautions on how to correctly do these asanas so that everyone can practice them with ease and without causing any kind of injuries to themselves. It’s something you can do for the rest of your life and reap the rewards.
  • Guided meditation – Our meditation techniques are imparted with guidance in order to take you through a resting time. As the mind needs instructions to follow, we give soothing instructions step by step, making it more relaxed. It requires a break too. Guided meditation helps to minimize never-ending thoughts or at least it will relax your mind from time to time. It also works at a deep level by conditioning your brain to operate efficiently and effectively.
  • Ayurveda sauna or steam bath – Steam baths provide a profound unwinding and calming effect on the body and psyche. It relieves tension, relaxes muscles, and aids in the treatment of joint problems. It is a highly powerful method of detoxification. Ayurvedic Sauna practice can regulate your metabolic rate by positively affecting your blood circulation. It improves the quality of your skin as well.
  • Ayurveda oil massage – It provides significant pain relief, both physically and mentally. It improves blood circulation, mobilizes and invigorates your muscles and joints. It reduces fatigue and removes blockages. Ayurvedic massage is highly good for patients who suffer from anxiety, sleep disorders, and insomnia. The use of therapeutic oils, as well as massage techniques, promotes antibodies, improving your immune system.
  • Shirodhara – Shirodhara is an Ayurvedic treatment in which warm oil is continuously poured over the forehead. The oil’s mild pressure and soothing warmth induce a profound level of relaxation in the body, mind, and neurological system, akin to meditation. It reduces stress, anxiety and naturally relaxes the body and mind. If you have Vata dosha, then Shirodhara is an effective method to bring it into a balanced state.
  • Delicious vegetarian meals – A healthy lifestyle is also about the food we eat. The food becomes who we are so it is recommended to have ‘Satvik Aahar’. Vegetarian meals take considerably less time to digest than non-vegetarian meals, hence, if someone struggles with digestion-related ailments, it is highly recommended. Keeping in mind the health benefits of vegetarian meals, we also take care of their deliciousness.
  • Herbal tea – Herbal tea is basically herbal infusion of different parts of a plant or tree. It could be roots, stems, flowers or leaves. These are all-natural ingredients that give you immense health benefits. The organic tea that we provide improves your digestion, helps in nausea or vomiting. It purifies the body, gives mental sharpness, and keeps your system light. The herbs used in organic tea also relax the nerves assisting in a peaceful sleep at night.Benefits of the Package


This package is a unique blend of practices of Ayurveda and Yoga to give the maximum benefit possible. There are intelligent sequences & a combination of yoga asanas, pranayama, guided meditation, Ayurvedic oil massage, Shirodhara (Ayurvedic treatment), and steam bath. Along with this, you do need a supporting diet in order to facilitate the whole structure of the package. Hence, we provide healthy vegetarian meals, unlimited herbal tea and filtered hot/cold water.

Certain things are excluded from the package, such as your transportation cost to/from the airport, and a night stay at the retreat. Prepaid or postpaid pick and drop facilities can be arranged on request.

Note: All the prices are exclusive of 13% VAT

8:00 9:30 Yoga and guided meditation session
9:30 10:15 Breakfast
11:00 11:45 Shirodhara
12:00 13:00 Ayurvedic oil massage
13:00 14:00 Lunch
14:00 15:00 Relaxation time in the garden
15:00 16:00 Sauna/Steambath/Shower
16:00 16:30 Tea break
16:30 18:00 Yoga and guided meditation session
18:30 19:15 Dinner (optional) and check out


This package is for 1 day wherein the activities start early in the morning and end in the evening. The check-in time is 6:30 am and check-out time is 6:30 pm. Breakfast, lunch, tea (multiple times) are included in the pack

ge. Although dinner is not in the package if someone wants to have dinner in the evening before leaving, we provide it free of cost.

Additional Info

  • Private locker is made available for your belongings.
  • There is also the facility for hot/cold showers as per your requirement. You will get towels and soaps here for use in the retreat.
  • The yoga mats are available in the retreat. It’s up to you whether you want to use them or want to bring your own.
  • If you have any specific dietary requirements, let us know beforehand.
  • Packages can be customized as per your need.

I am allergic to certain things. Will I be provided the food according to it?

Yes. Let us know what you are allergic to and we will provide you meals according to it.

Can we have food outside too?

It’s up to you. We suggest you stick to the diet we provide here if you want to have the maximum benefit of this healing package.

What if I need to stay for a night?

The availability of the room will depend on whether there is any vacant room or not. If there is, you can surely stay with an additional cost for the room.

The 1-Day Yoga Relaxation Package price is $40 per person. Payment can be done beforehand or on arrival.  We accept cash or visa card. If you are arriving at the retreat at your own convenience, it’s well and good, otherwise, we can arrange a pick-up facility from the airport @ $25 (one-way). If you want a pick-up facility from somewhere else in Kathmandu, let us know. The taxi fare may change in that case.

All the prices are inclusive of VAT.
The balance of your payment will be payable on arrival day here in Nepal.


Yoga Alliance Registration:

We offer YTT courses registered with American Yoga Alliances

  • RYS 200 Yoga Alliance
  • RYS 300 Yoga Alliance
  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
  • YACCEP Yoga Alliance