People always talk about a yogic diet. But, have you ever thought of the benefits of a yogic diet on the body?

Did you know about the wonders food can do in your body? Well, if you are still fantasizing about junk lathered in unhealthy fats and preservatives, it is undoubtedly time to upgrade your diet.

Food has always been a vital element when it comes to a healthy and well-functional body. A good balance of six vital nutrients is beneficial in boosting your body system while keeping it immune from the possible infestation of disease-causing agents.

An unhealthy junk food.

In today’s world, people eat food to satiate their taste buds rather than to fulfill the requirements of the body. However, the purpose of food wasn’t the same in ancient times. The diet in ancient times was meant for the betterment of health as a whole.

A sattvic diet rich in nutrients while being harmless to the environment and the consumer’s body was a thing. Such a diet kept people free from diseases and digestive issues. And with the newborn health consciousness, people adopted this concept in their diet to restore the lost balance in their bodies.

What is a Yogic diet?

People often have a misconception about a yogic diet being just a vegetarian meal. However, it also concerns the balance of nutrients and consuming the right meal at the appropriate time for the digestive system.

A healthy fruit diet that is rich in naturally available nutrients.

One undoubtedly needs to be aware of the food that goes inside their body. And also be conscious of the effect it does on digestion.

To begin with, we can define a yogic diet as a perfect combination of naturally available wholesome food which favors physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

The Principles of Yogic Diet

There are three major principles that the concept of a yogic diet relies on. If your daily diet abides by these major principles, then you are certainly on a yogic diet.

A number of scientific research have also mentioned the benefits of a yogic diet in obtaining a healthy body.

One can outline the principles of a yogic diet as follows:

1. Ahimsa

Ahimsa translates to no violence in English. It means your diet has to be free from any kind of violence towards living beings. The food you consume should be free from any source of animal protein that comes from violating innocent beings.

2. Satvva

Sattva means a true serenity to the food you consume. It truly translates to your food being free of any kind of elements that brings on strong negative energy to the body.

One can imply that a sattvic meal is free from the sharp flavoring items from the meal such as garlic, onion, chilies, tomatoes, etc. which hamper the acidity of the stomach.

A sattvic diet: A yogic diet does several benefits to the body.

3. Saucha

Finally, the third principle of the yogic diet ‘Saucha” refers to the cleanliness of the food. It means the food one consumes must be originated naturally rather than being altered by any means.

Thus, it implies that genetically modified foods and those intoxicated with chemicals and preservatives are out of the league in the yogic diet.

10 Benefits of the Yogic Diet on your body

There are several long-term benefits of eating healthy for the body. But, there are even more benefits to being on a yogic diet that beings with improved digestion to slower aging. A yogic diet is basically a key to healthy living.

Some of the benefits of a yogic diet on the body are listed below:

  1. A yogic diet is rich in fiber hence, it improves the digestion of food and its better absorption.
  2. The plant-based foods are rich in antioxidants, hence which can improve one’s immune system.
  3. This food also cures digestive issues like constipation, and stomach acid, and enhances bowel movement.
  4. Yogic food is adequate to provide energy for a long time even when your stomach is empty.
  5. The research also affirms that a yogic diet rich in plant sources has a higher resting metabolic rate. It means the yogic diet also boosts your metabolism throughout the day.
  6. A balanced yogic diet also reduces the chances of fatal diseases such as coronary and heart disease that often result from improper foods habit.
  7. It also promotes a healthy microbiome in your gut which helps better absorption of the nutrients from food in the body.
  8. Yogic diets also help in removing toxins from the body.
  9. It is believed that consuming yogic food also enlightens your mood.
  10. Lastly, following a yogic diet throughout your life ensures longevity of your life too.

People often think a yogic diet is often related to diet only. However, it has so much to do with your lifestyle too. It isn’t just a type of diet that can improve one’s quality of diet.

Along with a beneficial diet, a correct set of daily routines helps us go smoothly throughout our life. You need to have proper exercise, enough rest, and a healthy work routine to have a wholesome experience of yogic life.

Conclusively, it is the balance between diet, work, and rest that contributes to the holistic approach to health.



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