How to Do Dhanurasana Bow Pose and its benefits

6 August, 2021 | Author: Nishan Aryal

Dhanurasana or Bow Pose yoga pose is a back-bending asana that improves immunity and provides more oxygen to the body improving organ function. When you do Dhanurashana mindfully, it improves hip flexors. This Bow Pose Asanas opens up the hip flexors. Practicing the Dhanurasana puts pressure on your belly, which helps to stimulate the abdominal […]


10 Yoga Poses for Better Immunity

19 June, 2021 | Author: Admin Admin

“Are you seeking for the development for immunity power in your body and thinking about boosting the energy level? “  Regular practice of yoga has effective results on your body. The different practice of yoga asana has a tremendous result for the building the body’s strength, increase the energy level bring down anxiety and stress, […]


Regular Yoga and Meditation can boost immune system to fight against COVID-19

17 May, 2021 | Author: Nishan Aryal

Regular Yoga helps to fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID19) as it boosts the immunity system. Yoga helps to regain your mind and body, yoga at home can keep you healthy and build immunity power. The various yoga asana or postures will help to boost our endocrine system, strengthening the thyroid and adrenal glands and […]


Best Yoga School for Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

21 February, 2021 | Author: Nishan Aryal

Yoga is the medium to use breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It is the Sanskrit word for union. The fundamental goal of yoga is to promote harmony of body, mind and spirit. It provides a complete system of physical, mental, social and spiritual bonding that helps by various traditional methods Yoga Teacher Training makes you […]


Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Certification Courses in Nepal

18 January, 2021 | Author: Nishan Aryal

Yoga Teacher  Training (YTT) course is designed and targeted for yoga professionals with a deep knowledge of both theoretical and practical training on yoga, anatomy, benefits, and impacts on the human mind, body, and soul. Yoga has become one of the essential life skills humans have ever owned in human history. Trainees obtain strong and […]


Best Yoga Retreats in Nepal

22 December, 2020 | Author: Nishan Aryal

Enjoy Yoga in Nepal. To do yoga retreats is the best choice to try and stop for a moment as Yoga is the most powerful weapon to reduce stress. Yoga helps to bring back peace and natural wisdom in your life. Yoga Retreat is, “stepping away from the pattern of everyday living which prevents us […]


The Union of Body, Mind, and Soul Through High Quality of Training

16 February, 2020 | Author: yoga-academy

Starting a yoga practice can be a decision that contributes to various improvements in your life and wellbeing. When my partner and I decided to take our routine to the next level and attend yoga teacher training, we never imagined the endless amounts of Ashrams and Shalas we’d have to choose from. We opted to […]


Yoga teachers training

25 December, 2019 | Author: Admin Admin

To the world, if you seeking for transformation and a peaceful career change, seeking for the sustainable and respectful career option here is best for you, “yoga teachers training in Nepal”. Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours can equip you to be the professional yoga instructor and deepen your knowledge of yoga, deepen self-practice and develop […]


5 reasons why the Nepal Police Academy has integrated corporate yoga

7 December, 2019 | Author: Admin Admin

The beautiful country of Nepal is one full of culture, especially when it comes to their roots of practicing yoga. It was no surprise that Dr. Chintamani Gautam, guru and teacher from the Nepal Yoga Academy was asked to visit the Nepal Police Academy on November 10th and 11th . Each day for a few […]


Why choose to do your Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal vs Western Countries?

7 November, 2019 | Author: yoga-academy

Nepal is home to many practicing beliefs and holds true to its diversity while remaining one of the most peaceful and beautiful Asian countries. It is no surprise that those who seek enlightenment gravitate towards the birthplace of Buddha, Lord Shiva, and Patanjali. Surrounded by the Himalayas and picturesque mountain tops cushioned by the clouds, […]



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