5 Day Yoga Deluxe Retreat

We welcome you to our heavenly offer of a yoga and meditation retreat located inside the Kathmandu Valley. Allow yourself to escape into beautiful nature, explore the local temples and visit some of Kathmandu’s famous world heritage sites .

Overlooking beautiful Sanku Valley and the mountains surrounding it, there is a cocoon of comfort and relaxation. 5 Day Yoga Deluxe Retreat is a luxurious retreat where you can give your mind and body a chance to heal & relax, as well as, visit heritage sites of Nepal. It is a unique blend of activities and exploration.

If you have just arrived in Nepal and want to slip into the coziness of a beautiful environment before you could visit some tourist places in Kathmandu, then this could serve you well. You do not have to take the effort to find even a tour guide. All you have to do is, come here, relax, do yoga, avail ayurvedic treatments, indulge in the sauna, meditate, eat healthy/delicious meals, and set out with a knowledgeable tour guide to explore the historical architecture of Kathmandu.

Package Highlights

  • Pranayama, yoga sessions and guided meditation
  • Ayurveda sauna
  • Ayurveda oil massage
  • Relaxation massage and steam bath
  • Shirodhara (Ayurveda treatment)
  • Delicious vegetarian meals and unlimited herbal tea
  • Hiking and sightseeing.
  • Tour to Patan Durbar Square , Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa
  • Stay at a comfortable, and Sanku Valley overlooking accommodation.

For whom is this retreat package suitable?

  • This package is for everyone who has a few days to explore Nepal but also wants a splendid experience.
  • People who just came back from a tiring hike and now want ease-up inside out.
  • Someone who wants to explore yoga asanas.
  • Someone who wants to become a yoga teacher and before that is willing to explore what sanatan yoga is.
  • People who are in need of a quality break from their busy routine.
  • Health freaks
  • Couples in search of a healthy short vacation.
  • People who have heard about Nepal Yoga Retreat and are wondering about the kind of retreat packages we offer.

Cost Includes

This program combines Ayurvedic and Yoga practices to provide the most benefit possible. Yoga asanas, pranayama, guided meditation, Ayurvedic oil massage, Shirodhara (Ayurvedic therapy), relaxation massage, and steam bath are scheduled in a structured way. In addition, you will require a supportive diet in order to facilitate the package’s overall offerings. As a result, we offer nutritious vegetarian meals, as well as limitless herbal tea and filtered hot and cold water. We Make arrangements for optional activities like trekking and temple visits. The visit to the heritage sites will also be there, hence, the tour guide cost is included in the package.

Cost Excludes:

Transportation to and from the airport, single room supplement costs, meals outside of our retreat, visitor’s fees, and additional night stays at the retreat are all excluded from the package. On request, a prepaid or postpaid pick-up and drop-off service can be provided.

Note: All the prices are exclusive of 13% VAT

The schedule of 5-days Yoga Deluxe Retreat  has been carved in such a way that you get the maximum out of it. Right from the food to the yogic internal cleansing process, you will learn as well as experience the yogic lifestyle for 5 days. The check-in time is on the 1st day at 12:00 pm (noon) and the check-out time is at 12:00 pm (noon) on the 8th day. In between, there are many activities that have to be placed in the routine so that you go through these activities in a smooth flow. Understand that, the days for particular activity may change depending on the situation but the point is that all these will be covered in the span of 5 days.

Day 1

  • The check-in time is 12:00 p.m and once you arrive you will be served welcome tea followed by a healthy lunch.
  • After lunch, you may have some relaxing services like, Ayurvedic massage or sauna.
  • After some rest, you may have some free time to explore the surrounding countryside or relax in the Nepal Yoga Retreat’s gorgeous garden.
  • Yoga Asanas will be done in the evenings, along with guided meditation, enabling your body to stretch and your mind to be nourished with tranquility before retiring for the night.

Day 2 to 4:

  • Mornings at Nepal Yoga Retreat begin with Jala Neti (nasal cleansing process). And a spectacular view from the overlooking mountain we are situated at. Although Jala Neti is completely optional, if you really want to experience a yogic lifestyle, you don’t want to miss it. It also prepares you for the next activity of the day, pranayama. After pranayama, you’ll do some traditional yoga asanas.
  • The morning activities may have made you hungry, but the good news is that we have a delicious breakfast prepared for you. It will be nutrient-dense and simple to digest. You will have some time to relax and prepare for the day ahead after breakfast.
  • Ayurvedic therapies such as Shirodhara, Ayurvedic Sauna, and massage will be provided. Depending on the suitability and situation, these treatments might take place on the same day or on different days. You will be offered lunch post these therapies.
  • Except on days when you are on hike or visiting temples, you will have some free personal time. These activities are completely optional. The treks are short and are close to the retreat facility.
  • There will be a tour to Patan Durbar Square , Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath Stupa on one of the days.
  • When there are no optional activities, post-lunch time you will have some free personal time and then yogic wisdom session in which a few yogic approaches or strategies for living a meaningful life will be discussed. This session is also optional.
  • In the evenings, yoga asanas and meditation are practiced. Then you will be offered a tasty dinner. Post-dinner is entirely your personal relaxing time.
Start Finish Activity (subject to change)
7:00 7:15 Jala neti nasal cleanse (optional) and tea
7:15 8:00 Pranayama
8:00 9:30 Yoga session
9:30 10:00 Healthy breakfast
10:30 11:30 Relaxation time
11:30 12:30 Ayurveda oil massage / Shirodhara
13:00 14:00 Lunch
15:00 16:00 Ayurveda sauna
16:00 17:00 Relaxation time
17:00 18:30 Yoga and mediation
18:30 19:30 Dinner and relaxation time

Day 5

We don’t want you to miss out on a healthy yogic breakfast just because it’s time to leave. The optional Jala Neti Kriya will be performed first thing in the morning, followed by yoga asanas. The check-out time is 12:00 p.m. We will make every attempt to provide you with a locker room if your flight is delayed and you need to keep your things secure (for the luggage). If you need to stay an extra night for whatever reason, you can do so for a fee, however this is dependent on room availability and bookings.

Our retreat package offers accommodation in natural and beautiful surroundings. With four options, which are, Bamboo cottages, Standard rooms, Panoramic deluxe rooms and Panoramic sweet rooms, you can choose the most preferable room for yourself. The outside view from the rooms is marvelous as it is Sanku valley facing surrounded by mountains. Nothing is as relaxing as floating waves of white clouds over the vast horizon, with shimmering sunlight through it and the lush green trees waving back as the breeze makes its way through them.

The necessary amenities are provided during your stay including wash & bath towels, comfortable beds with blankets & quilts, hot water in attached western-style bathrooms. We ensure a comfortable stay for it is part of the pampering.

The cost is per room, so it depends on you whether you want to share it with someone along with you or you want a single one. The price for the four categories of rooms mentioned earlier is different. To know in detail,
kindly contact us @ +977 98510 92635 (Dr. Chintamani).

Bamboo Cottage Rooms

  • Spacious Rooms
  • two separate single beds
  • attached spacious bathrooms
  • Hot and Cold Shower

Explore Bamboo Cottage and Amenities

Standard Rooms

  • Spacious Rooms
  • two large size beds
  • attached spacious bathrooms
  • Comfortable Study Table + Chair
  • Hot and Cold Shower
  • Panoramic view from window

Explore Room and Amenities

Panoramic Deluxe Rooms

  • Spacious Room
  • Two large size Bed / KING Size Bed)
  • Comfortable Study Table + Chair
  • attached spacious bathrooms
  • Hot and Cold Shower
  • Panoramic view from window / Balcony
  • Air Condenser

Explore Room and Amenities

VIew Rooms and Amenities

Check-in/check-out time: 12:00 noon; we will not charge guests who arrive or depart earlier or later due to an early morning or late flight. We cannot promise a room, but we will provide a secure place for your luggage. If in any case, you need to stay a few more days, we will provide you a room on a fee given that there are no other bookings for the same.

About The Heritage Sites

These are the heritage sites we will visit during the retreat time. Here is a bit of information about them.

Patan Durbar Square: Apart from Kathmandu Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square is one of the Durbar Squares in the Kathmandu Valley that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a historical, cultural, artistic, and architectural treasure. There are monuments and temples in Patan Durbar Square, which are worth seeing.

Boudhanath Stupa: The Boudhanath Temple, a very popular temple, is the epicenter of Tibetan culture in Nepal, with a stupa that stands at a towering 36 meters. This makes it one of South Asia’s biggest stupas. The stupa is constructed on a three-level mandala-style platform..

Pashupatinath Temple: Pashupatinath Temple is a very sacred and popular temple in Kathmandu. It is the temple of Lord Shiva along with many clusters of temples dedicated to other Hindu gods. It has been classified as one of the World’s Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Pilgrims and Sadhus from all over the world aspire to visit this temple for fulfillment of all the wishes and achieve liberation.

Can I have visitors?

Yes, visitors are welcomed but visitors’ fees are charged for the visit.

Wat if I need to stay for an additional night?

You can extend your stay, however, the additional night fees will be charged.

We are 3 in the family including my kid. Can we have an extra bed in the room?

Yes, we can arrange that for you.

I am allergic to certain things. Will I be provided the food according to it?

Yes. Let us know what you are allergic to and we will provide you meals according to it.

Can we have food outside too?

It’s up to you. We suggest you stick to the diet we provide here if you want to have the maximum benefit of this healing package.

Accommodation Type Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
Bamboo Cottage Room USD 410 USD 580
Standard Room USD 430 USD 620
Panoramic Deluxe Room USD 470 USD 700
Panoramic Suite Room USD 510 USD 800
All costs excluding 13% VAT. You can book the package any day of the month.

The balance of your payment will be payable on arrival day here in Nepal.


Yoga Alliance Registration:

We offer YTT courses registered with American Yoga Alliances

  • RYS 200 Yoga Alliance
  • RYS 300 Yoga Alliance
  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
  • YACCEP Yoga Alliance