The study of yoga leads to physical health and emotional growth. The ultimate aim being a greater self awareness and personal understanding, creating a union to the divine within you. There are many yogic paths, including:

  • Bhakti (the way of devotion),
  • Gyana yoga (the way of wisdom), and
  • Hatha Yoga (the way of determination).

Whilst Hatha and Asthanga Yoga involve the mastery of Asanas (physical postures), all paths involve meditation and pranayam (mastery of the breath) on the way to Samadhi or enlightenment.

Yoga offers you the skills to achieve optimum physical, mental, spiritual health and a balance within your greater self. Yoga brings a calm peacefulness and focus improving your capacity for thought and integrity. You’ll find a strengthening of personal relationships and a way to achieve your life goals. Through your practice, you’ll discover a sense of fun and playfulness with your body and spirit. A committed practice will improve your  integrity and authentic presence, allowing your natural talents to shine. For those already on a yogic or spiritual path, yoga teacher skills offers the opportunity to deepen your personal practice, whilst sharing your development and joy through a greater immersion and the teaching of others.

Yoga Alliance Registration:

We offer YTT courses registered with American Yoga Alliances

  • RYS 200 Yoga Alliance
  • RYS 300 Yoga Alliance
  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
  • YACCEP Yoga Alliance