My Favorite 10-Minute Yoga Routine For a Healthy Life

Yoga is the best hobby for many individuals throughout the globe and in recent years, numerous people have commenced their journey towards developing a career in yoga. Yoga is not only a mere hobby, but it is an integral aspect of life. It acts as an intermediary between the mind and the very soul. You may have seen many posts like Yoga center in Nepal and Yoga institute in Nepal trending on social platforms. Some people live and breathe yoga and some are so caught up in their lives that they don’t have enough time to look after themselves. In this blog, we shall target those people who belong to the latter part.

We are so caught up in maintaining a lifestyle that we often forget the most crucial factor of life- Health. We have made health a second priority and as a result, we are plagued with various issues like back pain, joint pain, and tiredness. This blog will aim to provide you a short and discreet yoga routine which lasts a maximum of 10 minutes. No, you won’t have to join a Yoga retreat center take any sort of training, you can do it yourself.

This yoga routine can be done either in the morning or in the evening. Regardless of your timing, you will have a quality time in which you will get to experience the many benefits of yoga.


  1. Mountain pose

Before starting a yoga pose, be sure to stretch thoroughly. This posture helps to improve your balance. You need to stand with your feet drawn close to each other. Stretch your arms towards the floor and refrain from leaning front or back. Be sure to breathe slowly and rhythmically.

  1. Child’s pose

This pose helps alleviate the stress in the lower back. You need to lower your hips towards your heels. Slowly exhale and place your forehead on the floor. Your knees need to be slightly apart and the arms can either be extended with the palms up or the hands can be placed alongside the body with the palms up. You can close your eyes and breathe slowly to gain maximum benefit.

3. Downward dog

This is the most famous position in yoga. Put both hands on the floor on the favorable side of the right foot. This pose stretches the back and it helps to develop your upper body strength. If you feel difficult to straighten your knees, you can bend it a little bit. The one thing that you should consider is keeping your spine straight.

4. Upward salute

To start this pose, you need to stand straight. Then, you need to stretch your arms overhead and reach towards the ceiling. Grab the left wrist with your right hand and slowly bend towards your right. Don’t forget to exhale slowly while doing so. Stand straight again and grab your right wrist with your left hand and bend towards the left.

5. Plank

This pose helps to keep your body stable and strengthens your core while working on the shoulders and triceps as well. To do this pose, you need to come to a pushup position and hold it for as long as you can. You need to breathe slowly while doing it.

You can find numerous 10-minute yoga routines but these are the basic ones that you need to master before heading into the difficult ones. This 10-minute yoga routine is guaranteed to make you feel better and we hope that it will help you develop a certain closeness to yoga.



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