MicroSoft and Yoga

This past week, we’ve been involved in working with Microsoft Nepal with a tailor made package of Corporate Yoga in their downtown Kathmandu Office.

Their team and management has been able to define one and a half hours per day for the past week to focus on themselves, both as individuals and a important parts of a productive team.

We worked with 30 people teaching them yogic skills and practices including breath work (pranayama), mediation, relaxation and the yogic lifestyle. This teaching will assist in greater calm and focus and a more positive team environment.

This is just the beginning of our relationship with Microsoft and we thank all our new yogis and yoginis for being fully present and involved. We also thank the senior management of Microsoft Nepal for being so forward thinking, by leading the business sector in Nepal into a more productive space, through yoga and mediation.

As with Microsoft Nepal, corporate work spaces worldwide are now seeing and utilizing the benefits of the yogic approach to individual and work team development and productivity.



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