Why choose to do your Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal vs Western Countries?

Why choose to do your Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal vs Western Countries?

Nepal is home to many practicing beliefs and holds true to its diversity while remaining one of the most peaceful and beautiful Asian countries. It is no surprise that those who seek enlightenment gravitate towards the birthplace of Buddha, Lord Shiva, and Patanjali. Surrounded by the Himalayas and picturesque mountain tops cushioned by the clouds, most foreigners find peace and balance while on their journey here in Nepal.

Dating back centuries and still to this day living a yogic lifestyle has been the true philosophy and driving factor in many practicing religions. For those of you who wish to study and complete your yoga teacher training in Nepal be prepared to adopt a new lifestyle and to truly connect your mind, body, and soul. If you have the desire to immerse yourself fully in a culture that embraces a primarily vegetarian diet, Ayurveda, philosophy of yoga, and meditation than you’ll be enriched by the knowledgeable and powerful gurus.

There is something to be said about being surrounded by similar frequencies, and those who consciously practice yoga on a daily basis. For those who need a daily reminder to meditate, move and breathe there is no better place than here in Nepal. Whether you’re in the bustling city centers or in the villages you’ll always notice Sadhus, Baba’s, Monk’s, and many other cultural figures. There is no pressure to follow any specific lifestyle however the teachings and philosophy behind these beautiful cultures will amaze you.

Kathmandu is an international hub where yogis and yoginis across the globe come together as a community to expand their knowledge and wisdom. Those coming from a western background often find comfort in knowing that their authentic selves are celebrated, and the spiritual world awaits them. The yoga teacher training that is offered in Kathmandu is unlike any other, the guru’s and teachers instruct the most authentic yoga practices.

Many aspiring yogis are surprised to know that yoga originated in Nepal, often times this beautiful country is overshadowed by India, our neighboring country. The originality and authenticity that is passed down to the students truly allow for this ancient practice to live on for future generations, no matter where yoga is being taught. Integrating everyday culture, whether it be temples, historical monuments, Ayurvedic diets, and yog philosophy is what sets Kathmandu’s standards above anywhere else in the world. If you’re someone who is open to change, new perspectives and personal growth then your yoga teacher training awaits you in Kathmandu. See you there!!



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