Graduation July 2016

12 July, 2016 | Author: Admin Admin

Namaste, Today we graduate. We began a month ago, yet our friendships seem to have been developed over years together not merely the last 30 days. We have experienced joy & celebration, sweat & tears, the pain of muscles extending, the satisfaction of achievement and the long arduous slog of learning what were, barely pronounceable […]


MicroSoft and Yoga

3 July, 2016 | Author: Admin Admin

This past week, we’ve been involved in working with Microsoft Nepal with a tailor made package of Corporate Yoga in their downtown Kathmandu Office. Their team and management has been able to define one and a half hours per day for the past week to focus on themselves, both as individuals and a important parts […]


The Second International Yoga Day in Nepal

27 June, 2016 | Author: Admin Admin

The day started early for us here at the Nepal Yoga Academy, with the women being beautifully dressed in saris and the men in traditional yogic white topped off in Dhaka Topi, the traditional Nepali hats. We bussed into the city around 6am not knowing what to expect. As it turned out, we joined a […]


International Yoga Day

19 June, 2016 | Author: Admin Admin

For the second consecutive year, the Nepal Yoga Academy and friends will celebrating the ’Union’ of body, mind, breath & spirit on International Yoga Day. We hope you’ll join us early 0630Hrs on Tuesday Morning (21 June) at the Woodlands Hotel, Kathmandu. 


The new class begins – June 2016

15 June, 2016 | Author: Admin Admin

We of the Nepal Yoga Academy and Retreat are so excited to see our nine yogis begin their evolution from practitioner to teacher. This energetic group is truly diverse with students coming from as far away as Norway, France, Egypt, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, The Maldives and The Netherlands. It must be said that this is […]


Why choose Nepal for your Yoga learning and practice ?

1 June, 2016 | Author: Admin Admin

  Nepal is the original home of yoga, many Eastern philosophers and deep wisdom.  Since ancient times, thousands of yogis and Rishis (sages) have meditated and practiced yoga in their quest for the attainment of wisdom in this beautiful country.  The yogic vibrations of such great people increase the significance of this land creating the atmosphere a wonderful […]



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