5 reasons why the Nepal Police Academy has integrated corporate yoga

The beautiful country of Nepal is one full of culture, especially when it comes to their roots of practicing yoga. It was no surprise that Dr. Chintamani Gautam, guru and teacher from the Nepal Yoga Academy was asked to visit the Nepal Police Academy on November 10th and 11th . Each day for a few hours Dr. Gautam taught these brave souls just how important it is to incorporate yoga into their everyday lives.

With mental health problems increasing every year, and the ailments in which this effects the physical body makes it difficult to ignore. Reducing stress is the main and most important factor when addressing those who are constantly in a state of alertness and fight or flight response. Have you ever done chair yoga? Well the Nepal Police Academy has! On day one of the gurus visit, the officers were guided through ways in which stress management can be practiced right there, in the office, on the clock.

The topic of pranayam (breathing) techniques were explained and demonstrated for a thorough understanding on how you can calm your mind, and physical body simply by bringing your awareness to your breath. It was no surprise to Dr. Gautam that the they could all feel a difference, but the officers were really taken aback by just how clear headed and relaxed they felt.

Needless to say I’m sure the academy will be adopting some of these techniques while back at their desks. On the second day there was a slight change in how the class was structured, chairs were replaced with mats and pranayam was swopped with laughter. These officers were in for a fun time, filled with deep belly laughs as this was exactly what the doctor called for. Laughter is the best medicine after all, so that’s exactly what this day started off with.

To give their cheeks and abdominal muscles a break, they also integrated asana’s into their practice. Most people don’t know that stretching, twisting and moving the body is one of the best ways to eliminate toxins in the body. The major toxin in this case is the excess stress hormones that needs to be expelled from the body, effectively, and quickly in order to keep the body in balance. The 45 officers who participated in Dr. Gautam’s teachings had an overwhelmingly positive response and look forward to integrating these new and helpful techniques each day for better mental, physical and spiritual health.

5 reasons to takejust as seriously as the Nepal Police Academy

1. It’s simple, it only takes a few minutes to make a change in the nervous system. You can even practice a tactical breath work exercise in your patrol car, on your way to your next call or simply sitting back at the office. Just 5 or 6 deep conscious belly breathes can make a big difference.

2. It’s private and introspective for first responders doesn’t focus on one specific incident, but on psychophysiological effect developed from general work as a first responder. Nobody will know what thoughts you bring to your yoga mat, this is incredibly important for those who must be confidential at all times.

3. Its multifunctional, yoga serves many purposes. Not only will it decrease stress levels but the physical component will strengthen and deepen the body’s ability to withstand their duties. By incoorperwtig different aspects of yoga, whether it be pranayam and asana it creates a stronger relationship between the mind and body and enhances their performance.

4. It’s not what you think it is. Many people have the misconception that yoga is only for woman. Some think it’s easy, or a waste of time to sit and breath for 20 minutes. However, their are so many instances around the world of first responders who have serious mental health issues and physical impairments after serving in the army, who find healing through yoga. Yoga is the most important way one can cope with stress, period.

5. It’s time.With increasing numbers of suicide, heart attacks and mental disorders on the rise throughout the law enforcement community there is no better time to adopt new ways to improve these statistics. The stereotype that has kept many men away from yoga is not worth these numbers and devastating deaths, especially when you realize how strong you must be both mentally and physically to practice yoga. In turn you’ll become the strongest version of yourself, mentally sound and physically capable to tackle your toughest days.

For those interested in adapting a new regimen to their day, whether you are serving your country or you are a mom of 5 children, yoga has the ability to help everyone. If you’re ready to bring more peace into your mind and heart, Dr. Chintamani Gautam can be reached at the Nepal Yoga Academy.



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