Dolphin Pose relieves fatigue, headaches and depression, which improve sleep quality. Also improves blood flow to the spine, head, and brain. Overall effects likely improve regulation of several hormones and blood cells that boot your immune system.

How to do Dolphin Pose (Chatur svanasana)>

  • Sit in Vajrasan then come into tabletop position.
  • Place your palms on the floor and spread your fingers.
  • Tucking your toes under your feet inhale and exhaling lower your elbows to the floor keeping them under your shoulder and your forearms parallel.
  • Now slowly lifting your knees up straighten your legs, and press the heels down to the floor.
  • Raise hips up, keep spine straight, and make your arms and spine as much in alignment as possible.
  • If you need, separate your feet slightly, and keep the feet parallel to each other.
  • Now, with normal breathing hold this posture.



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