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Candice Wilson is one our graduates from the group who completed 200 hours of Yoga Alliance Accredited Yoga Teacher Training, in July 2016. She is the Training and Development Manager for Duniye Spa in Nepal.

My interest in yoga began during my student years in South Africa. I completed a thesis on the benefits of yoga treating scoliosis and back pain. From there, I had only a self-practice approach. A few years later, having embraced the importance of holistic healing, expanding my yoga familiarity became very important to me. I recently travelled to Nepal to do just that. It was truly life changing, allowing me to return to my paradise home and share my passion as a yoga instructor.
Having many friends and colleagues from Nepal, I was very well prepared. From the calm of the Maldives Islands to the excited welcome at Kathmandu Airport had my senses stimulated. Seeing the devastation from the recent earthquake was upsetting but it was encouraging to witness constant rebuilding of homes and temples. The Nepalese are a proud and inspirational people. We were in a beautiful retreat on the side of one of the many lush rolling hills in Sanku. The landscape is breathtaking and so suited to a month of reflection and discovery. The course content was varied: a jam-packed yoga schedule, anatomy, breathing, meditating, Mantra chanting, and a pure vegetarian diet. Every day was a new adventure, starting at five just prior to the sunrise, aching muscles were soon forgotten after a nasal cleanse and breathing through the stressors of life, discovering a calmer version of me. Contrary to popular belief, you do not arrive on day one and need to put your foot behind your ear or rock a full lotus pose for hours, they do however show you how to do it. All levels of experience were catered for.

I have learned Yoga is not an image to portray to the world, it is a lifestyle choice filled with moments of self-accomplishment when you reach that illusive wheel pose. Getting on the mat every day is challenging, but more importantly, the most rewarding thing you can do for your body. Sitting in a comfortable position does not feel comfortable to most, so when you are asked to do so and it hurts, just keep doing it. Touching your toes is not the ultimate goal, union of the body, mind and soul is. Yoga is not aligned to any religion, but does make your spiritual self-stronger and more connected. Opening up the throat chakra with singing Sanskrit Mantra’s has a powerful healing effect on the body, forcing you to express emotion, breathe in a constant rhythm and release your inhibitions.

I am happy to share more of my experience with all of you on your next visit to paradise, and I look forward to welcoming you all – yes even the macho men – to chant Om and include yoga into your daily life.



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