The new class begins – June 2016

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We of the Nepal Yoga Academy and Retreat are so excited to see our nine yogis begin their evolution from practitioner to teacher. This energetic group is truly diverse with students coming from as far away as Norway, France, Egypt, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, The Maldives and The Netherlands. It must be said that this is most positive outcome of globalization – bringing an broad range of backgrounds and cultures here, to the foot hills of the Himalayas. Each one uniquely motivated, with their individual and powerful intention to their learning. Together they will bring a collective focus to the teachings of Dr Chintamani and our other gurus. Our classically trained teachers aspire to teach the ancient science of Sanatan (classical) Yoga with integrity and balance between the physical and the spiritual.

The next 200 hours for this group will provide some amazing observable changes which they will carry for the rest of lives. They will work hard to find the guru within and the physicality to accomplish a broad range of asana, kriya and mantra. These nine good people will sweat, as they stretch and strengthen body, mind and spirit.

By mid-July, some of these seekers of wisdom will go on to make quality and caring teachers, whilst others may only use this time to fully commit to and further explore their current practice. There may be a few who will continue further to reach the 500 hour Yoga Alliance Certification with us, either now or in the future.

The Nepal Yoga Academy family will continue to grow to support each other and to spread the love, peace and mindful knowledge of Yoga into the world.

We welcome you to the next batch of spiritual & yogic seekers and teachers. Namaste.



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