If we see the current era, we have a certain idea about the theme that we are going through. Call it kalyuga or a spell of unconsciousness and darkness, it is the light within us that can overcome it. So regardless of what the current theme of the world is, there is a choice on us to be a light to ourselves and others. There have been other Yugas or themes of the world. We may think we are on the losing side because of the Yuga we are born in, but of you observe closely human history, you will find that the core of human beings and the surface of consciousness has always been there.

The way we share the same land, one earth, we also share the same consciousness. On the land, we consciously choose to live in a good, natural place and at the same time, we contribute to the betterment of the places where conducive living is not there. You don’t go and live in the garbage area. Similarly, we suffer because in the conscious level in us, we have chosen to live in fear, sorrow, anger, resentments, lust and illusion. We have a choice to go deeper in the consciousness where this garbage is not reachable and at the same time, we make necessary efforts to clean up these unconscious tendencies or habits. This is all that Gita is pointing towards. It is about Krishna’s era where he is teaching the sensible way of living. Surprisingly, many of us think that it does not apply in our times. This is absolutely not true. In both times consciousness of different levels was there in people and above all, correct and practical interpretation of Krishna’s teachings is vital.

In Nepal yoga Academy, be it Bhagwad Gita or any other ancient Hindu scriptures, we try to impart the essence of these valuable teachings so that the student can make his or her life better and conscious. Since it is about a sensible way of living, it has to be lived not just heard it. Yogic lifestyle gives a profound quality of life. It is not about restrictions, it is about exercising our choice to be in a way that adds value to us and every life around us. When it comes to the yogic lifestyle, food is an essential part of it. Along with it, a natural way of living acts like oxygen to your soul. Well-being doesn’t come just by buying a bigger house or a new car. These are comforts which can be useful. Well-being comes when we transcend our bondages and live a healthy & fulfilling life.

Living like a yogi leads to the continuous development of a being. Out attitude changed naturally in the course of practicing Yoga and grasping the ancient wisdom of living. We don’t have to force a certain kind of behavior as that would just be an act. All we need to do is to be open to change and transform. Once we realize the immensity of the transformation we through due to this lifestyle, we will have the intensity to touch upon every life on the planet with utmost care. Gratefulness then comes from the heart space like a mesmerizing flowing river.



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