Graduation July 2016

Today we graduate. We began a month ago, yet our friendships seem to have been developed over years together not merely the last 30 days. We have experienced joy & celebration, sweat & tears, the pain of muscles extending, the satisfaction of achievement and the long arduous slog of learning what were, barely pronounceable Sanskrit terms.

We nine, have walked very diverse pathways to reach this juncture at this very place of learning. Eight unique cultures but two combined goals – to immerse ourselves yoga and to acquire the skills & confidence to teach. We’ve shared some of our true selves here, amongst the forests & padi filled valleys. We’ve been blessed by the peaceful calm of this scenic space in the foot hills of the Himalayas. These mountains are the birthplace of Buddha, Buddhism, Hinduism & Yoga (btw, the word is correctly pronounced, ‘Yog’ from the Sanskrit, ‘Yuj’. Not as has developed in the modern word, Yoga.

The friendships formed here have been fast bonding and long lasting. Through, sweat, laughter, tears but most of all through a shared passion for self development & self belief. Yoga can be translated as ‘unity’ and ‘unity’ has been achieved, along with our personal progress in human development. It’s been an important leap bringing unity of our body, mind & spirit. We’ve stretched our muscles, honed our balance and grown in spirit; in a word – transformation.

Some of us will take this learning into the professional realm and teach, others will utilise these skills & confidence in our every day lives. Either way, we have challenged ourselves and had the rare opportunity to look within. During the period, some of us had time for themselves, whilst we others have added Reiki 1 & 2 to our repertoire of skills & healing potential. We’ve discovered the knowledge of the great benefits for healing through the learning and practice of Reiki energies & symbolism. Something more to be grateful for.

We are most grateful to our gurus, Dr Chintamani, for his teachings, nurturing leadership & his ability to push as on the mat; Dr Subodh for his intimate knowledge of all things yogic & Reiki; and Krishna Ji for his sense of fun on the mat. We are also grateful for the caring family atmosphere of the support team, feeding, massaging, tidying behind us & above all knowing the right moment for a cup of herbal tea!

Our time here at the Nepal Yoga Academy has been all these things & so much more. We the grateful few, now head back into our unique worlds with powerful memories and the inspiration to share Yoga with this world. This world, so much in need of unity, love and positive self-realisation. Dhanyabad!

Shanti, Shanti, Shantiiiiiii

Graduation July 2016

Graduation July 2016



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