The Nepal Yoga Academy Team regularly support local schools in poorer & remote communities with yoga, mindfulness, health education and some practical items, such as stationary. 

In the hours and days following the devastating two earthquakes of April 2015 and the dozens of aftershocks, we were involved in providing support to local communities to assist them by providing emergency assistance with both food, medicines, clothing and household goods. The entire nation was caught by surprise and though some of our team were affected by the quake, we all participated to support those who could not help themselves unassisted.We learned a lot and truly gained from the experience.  The rehabilitation of their homes and a return to a normal life has taken longer.   

To reach further and for us to better provide for communities in need, we very much appreciate support from our long term friends and new guests.  Playing a positive part in the greater society is a key element to a yogic lifestyle and also bringing about positive karma to carry into our next lives.

Karmic yoga is a deliberate practice which will assist us to achieve our greater selves. Karma yoga has been described as service, but this is not correct. Karmic Yoga is best performed, willfully and joyfully involving ourself in productive and helpful activity. We are so happy to be helping in any way we can as a part of our local and wider community. 



Yoga Alliance Registration:

We offer YTT courses registered with American Yoga Alliances

  • RYS 200 Yoga Alliance
  • RYS 300 Yoga Alliance
  • E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance
  • YACCEP Yoga Alliance