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Nepal is the birthplace of Yoga. Hindu God, Shiva is considered as the Yog Guru. Nepal is one of the famous destination for Adventures and retreats. The peaceful, joyful and natural lands of Nepal is famous for Yoga and Meditation. The pristine valued lands of Himalayas of Nepal is the great place for Yogic and Vedic activities. World Famous Sadhguru mentions Nepal as the land of the living Tantric body.

Nepal is gaining popularity among the Yoga Enthuiastics and Yoga Trainers in recent years. With the abundance of the joyful, natural and peaceful places in Nepal, Yoga, Meditation and retreat centers are increasing in the different parts of Nepal. The traditional retreat centers are now being equipped and focused with the Yoga, meditation, sound healing classes in Nepal.

Yoga Retreats in Kathmandu

Nepal Yoga Retreat Center offers you the different kind’s fo Yoga retreat packages ranging from 1Day Retreat packages to 10 days Retreat packages. The Yoga Retreat packages thus offers you the most promising experiences of peaceful mind-body-and-soul experiences. Single day Yoga Retreat packages is designed for the travelers who have very limited time but want to experience the Yoga and meditation in the foothills of Himalayas.

Some of the popular yoga retreat experiences you can enjoy in Kathmandu are



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